Technical Specs & Templates



  • Photos to be supplied as JPG files at the correct size (if boarder is required let us know and we can add)
  • Photos are to be supplied as RGB colour (CMYK will result in unexpected print quality)



  • Crop marks are not required
  • Please supply files with 3mm bleed where required (see table below), and all text at least 3mm from the trim edge
  • High-resolution PDF files are preferred and can be sent via email (up to 8mb), CD, USB or via YouSendIt
  • The resolution of all images must be 300dpi or greater at 100% print size to ensure a quality print.
  • Provide your artwork 1UP (not imposed), unless requested otherwise
How to setup files correctly for printing

How to setup files correctly for printing


Below you will find standard artwork sizes, and InDesign templates for InDesign 4 and above.

Business Cards
Finished Size: 90mm x 55mm
Artwork Size (including bleed): 96mm x 61mm
Download InDesign Template for Landscape Business Cards
Download InDesign Template for Portrait Business Cards

Finished Size: 210mm x 297mm
Artwork Size (including bleed): 216mm x 303mm
Download InDesign Template

Finished Size: 148.5mm x 210mm
Artwork Size (including bleed): 154.5mm x 216mm
Download InDesign Template

Finished Size: 105mm x 148.5mm
Artwork Size (including bleed): 111mm x 154.5mm
Download InDesign Template

DL/With Compliments Slips
Finished Size: 99mm x 210mm
Artwork Size (including bleed): 105mm x 216mm
Download InDesign Template

A4-DL Roll Fold Brochures
Finished Size: 210mm x 297mm
Artwork Size (including bleed): 216mm x 303mm (98, 99, 100mm outside, inside reversed)
Download InDesign Template

Roll Up Banner
Finished Size: 845mm x 2040mm
Artwork Size: 845mm x 2040mm (no bleed required)
Download InDesign Template

A3 Poster
Finished Size: 297mm x 420mm
Artwork Size (including bleed): 303mm x 426mm
Download InDesign Template

A2 Poster
Finished Size: 420mm x 594mm
Artwork Size: 420mm x 594mm (no bleed required)
Download InDesign Template

A1 Poster
Finished Size: 594mm x 841mm
Artwork Size: 594mm x 841mm (no bleed required)
Download InDesign Template

A0 Poster
Finished Size: 841mm x 1189mm
Artwork Size: 841mm x 1189mm (no bleed required)
Download InDesign Template

Standard products can be trimmed to smaller sizes upon request.


  • We prefer PDF files.
  • We also accept (*additional charges may apply):
    – InDesign packaged files (up to Version CS5)
    – Illustrator EPS or AI files (up to Version CS5)
    – Photoshop (up to Version CS5)
  • Microsoft Word and Publisher files are best supplied as a high resolution PDF, created from the computer it was originally made on. If we convert documents in-house, you will be required to proof the PDF carefully before printing.
  • We do not accept Corel Draw, Quark Xpress, Pagemaker, Freehand files.


  • All artwork should be in CMYK (including images) unless the job has been quoted for Pantone/Spot colours. Spot colour should NOT be selected.
  • If you have any solid areas of black in your artwork, please convert to 40C 40M 40Y 100K for digital artwork and 60C 50M 50Y 100K for offset jobs.
  • If printing in Pantone colours, talk to our designers before sending any artwork.
  • Do not supply files in RGB or separations, unless you are sending a Pantone job.
  • Please advise if colour matching is critical and we will try to accommodate your needs.


  • Make sure fonts used in your files have been embedded or outlined.
  • Ensure that you check for and remove “stray points” from your artwork.


  • If printing multi-page documents, it is best to supply a printed mock-up where possible.
  • Ensure that you spell check your job thoroughly and make sure that all details are correct.
  • No responsibility will be taken for incorrect spelling on supplied files.
  • When artwork is created in-house, it is your responsibility to check spelling/numbers and all other details are correct before approving.


Download ONA Technical Specs