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03_canvas_1050Offering a full end-to-end canvas service in house from print to stretching, we create beautiful quality canvas prints which stand the test of time.
We can supply you with a rolled canvas where your image is printed directly onto our high quality canvas and treated with a special UV coating, or a stretched canvas which is framed and ready to hang.

We offer three options for the edges of your canvas…

  • Gallery Wrap – involves stretching the entire image around the side and a little bit on the back of the canvas. This is the most traditional way of wrapping, however you will lose some of the image to the sides and back of the canvas. Be careful no important features are right on the edge of the image as they will be lost on the wrap.
  • Pixel Stretch – involves taking the last few pixels of the image and stretching them around the sides of the canvas. This option is popular as you don’t lose any of the image.
  • Mirror Wrap – takes the last few centimetres of each border, duplicates and mirrors them which makes the entire image “bigger”. This image still looks gallery wrapped – even though it’s not. This wrapping type works best when the section being mirrored is a background of some kind rather than an important feature.
  • Solid Colour Wrap – when there’s a solid colour on the edge of the canvas. This is ideal for printing images that have an important feature such as a person right up against the edge of the picture and where using a mirror wrap wouldn’t look right because that person would be reflected onto the sides of the frame. Solid Colour Wrapping is also suitable when reproducing artworks and illustrations or even professional photography.









Please contact us for prices of different sizes.

Canvas Photo Resolution Guide
You will need to supply your file as a high resolution image. Our preference for images is a high quality JPG file, however we also accept TIFF and PDF formats.
Digital photos are made up of tiny dots called pixels. The more dots there are, the more details are captured and thus the clearer the photo.
When you print a photo onto a canvas, the dots are spread across the surface of the canvas. A measurement of the density of the dots (number of dots in a given square area) indicates how clear the photo will be on the printed canvas. This measurement is called the dots per inch (“DPI”).
If you zoom in on the photo, the DPI decreases because a smaller section of the photo (less dots) is printed across the same canvas area. Similarly, if you zoom out the photo, the DPI increases.

As a rule of thumb, note the following DPI values:

  • 300 DPI – Produces excellent and very sharp results.
  • 150 DPI – This produces excellent clarity and sharp results.
  • 120 DPI – This produces OK, but not ideal results. This is the minimum value we recommend for canvas printing.
  • 100 DPI – Canvases produced at this setting will exhibit fuzziness and jagged edges when viewed from a close distance. This quality is only recommended if your canvas will be viewed from a distance and if no better file is available.

Quality Canvasses
We uses only fine quality printing material, ink, frames, and packaging to ensure the product you receive has a professional finish and arrives in perfect condition. All canvasses are treated with a special UV coating prior to stretching to keep your prints sharp and vibrant for years and our media is profiled to produce the best prints possible.
We uses a high quality Canon printer featuring a 12-Color Pigment Ink System.
The printer’s ink set is comprised of 12 colours: four standard process colours with Photo Cyan and Photo Magenta; plus Red, Green, and Blue; Matte Black, Gray, and Photo Gray. This unique combination creates a broad colour pallet and delivers exceptional print results. The ink is specially formulated to reduce graininess and bronzing and resist scratching and fading. Black, Matte Black, Grey and Photo Gray optimise black ink density for exceptional monochrome photo-quality output.
We use only premium quality canvas products with excellent water resistance and stretching qualities. Our canvas is acid free in the base, which is made of a 70/30 cotton/polyester blend of canvas for maximum dimensional stability and limited shrinkage. When coated with UV, the combination provides extreme strength and can survive repeated flexing for gallery wraps.
We use quality kiln dried stretcher bars which are 3cm in depth. The raised lip around the outside of the stretcher frame protects the print from pressing onto the frame and becoming dented with the outline of the frame edges. All mounted prints are stretched and stapled onto the wooden stretcher frame. The staples are then covered and finished with a tape to minimise the scratching of painted walls during hanging and to give an overall quality finish.

Caring for your Canvas Print
Cleaning your canvas
To clean your canvas, vacuum gently using a soft brush attachment or soft cloth.
Do not apply any cleaning solutions or water as this may cause the colour to run or fade. Do not rub the surface of your canvas.
Do not hang outdoors or in areas of high humidity, direct sunlight or extreme temperature fluctuations. The canvas is a porous product and will expand and contract in extreme temperature fluctuations.
If you are moving your canvas, make sure you always wrap it adequately with bubble wrap. Do not stack prints on top of each other unless they are safely wrapped.
Remember your print is a fragile item. Treat it as you would a piece of art.

Hanging your canvas
All canvas prints are supplied with a wire at the back for wall hanging. Whilst wire is placed in the same position on the back of the prints, the wire tension can vary. If you are hanging prints in a row, you may hang screws in the wall. The heads of the screws will fit into a groove in the frame of the canvas. Do not press, push or place any pressure against either side of the canvas, as it may leave an impression.

Canvas Turnaround Times
As we do all of our canvas printing and stretching in house, we can have your canvas ready in as little as a few days. If you have a tight deadline, be sure to let us know when ordering so we can accommodate your needs.

Photo Enlargements
Using our high quality wide format printer, we can produce bright, vivid photo enlargements on a variety of quality stocks.
We print most of our photo enlargements on 190gsm lustre paper, and also have a heavier 280gsm weight paper available. We also have textured art paper and gloss stock for specific jobs.
We can print up to 44 inches wide by any continuous length.

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